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Title: Comments From The Peanut Gallery (May 2016 Opinion Column)
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Comments From The Peanut Gallery

(May 2016)

Thank you to Rose... this month's guest columnist!

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

May 14, 2016

Once again Y&R has killed off a pivotal character on the show.  Sage Newman was one of the few strong women on Y&R.  Not only was Sage beautiful, she was feisty, intelligent and tenacious.

Shockingly, Y&R chose to kill off Sage Newman at the high point of her storyline.  Sage had just learned that her son, Christian, was alive and had covered him with love and kisses—a most enjoyable scene for the viewers.

The redeeming value of this tragic storyline was the public service message given by top cop, Paul Williams, about the danger of distracted driving.  Fatal car crashes have increased in our country due to distracted driving.  Sadly, they are often caused by cell phone use and texting while driving.  Congratulations to Y&R for delivering a timely message.  Hopefully Y&R fans will take notice and stay safe.

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