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Title: Ms. December, 2019
Post by: Rose on December 22, 2019, 06:40:07 pm
The Colonnade Room proudly presents our favorite character for December, 2019, a.k.a. Ms. December:

Melissa Ordway, otherwise known as Abby Newman!

The blonde and beautiful Abby Newman, portrayed by actress Melissa Ordway, is in her element owning The Grand Phoenix.  We learned how devious Abby can truly be when she scammed Phyllis Newman out of her security job at The Grand Phoenix.  Abby orchestrated several false jewelry heists in the hotel and used them as an excuse to fire Phyllis.  Abby seems to have gotten away with her very Newman scheme, or has she?  Abby took a huge risk on outwitting the very shrewd Phyllis Newman!

Abby Newman has appeared on The Colonnade Calendar five times!  This is her third appearance in 2019!

Feel free to post your reactions to our choice for "Ms. December" on our message board (,13445.0.html).  This honor does not reflect the creative views of Y&R, CBS-Television, or Sony-Television.  2019 The Colonnade Room