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Title: Fine Threads
Post by: Lynn1 on December 25, 2008, 01:08:08 pm
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Why waste time digging through your closet for your "finest threads" to wear at Genoa City's Colonnade Room?  Set them aside for easy access!  The same goes for the message boards at our web site,The Colonnade Room.  No time to search for your favorite threads?  Then you're in the right place; this page takes you where you want to be!  Click on the link(s) of your choice.

By the way, we are not trying to endorse any particular fan bases.  The list will be updated as character appreciation threads are created for various characters.  Enjoy!

Adam Newman Appreciation Thread (,7058.0.html)

Billy Abbott Appreciation Thread (,195.0.html)

Casting Article: In And Out (,4225.msg20862.html) - Reveals who is joining and leaving the show!

Chloe Mitchell Appreciation Thread (,197.0.html)

Cocktails on Y&R (,13523.0.html)

Daniel Romalotti Appreciation Thread (,198.0.html)

Devon Hamilton Appreciation Thread (,13232.0.html)

Esther (Kate Linder) Thread (,193.0.html) - Thread for notifying us of new blog entries at Kate Linder's (Esther Valentine's) official web site!

Gloria Bardwell Appreciation Thread (,211.0.html)

Gorgeous Gals Of Genoa City Thread (,191.0.html) - game

Gorgeous Guys Of Genoa City Thread (,192.0.html) - game

Improve Your Vocabulary Y&R-Style (,8440.0.html)

Jack Abbott Appreciation Thread (,199.0.html)

Jill Foster Abbott Appreciation Thread (,5178.0.html)

Katherine Chancellor Appreciation Thread (,200.0.html)

Kevin Fisher Appreciation Thread (,201.0.html)

Michael Baldwin Appreciation Thread (,202.0.html)

Neil Winters Appreciation Thread (,203.0.html)

Nick Newman Appreciation Thread (,205.0.html)

Nikki Newman Appreciation Thread (,204.0.html)

OT: AMC - Thread to discuss All My Children (,215.0.html)

OT: ATWT - Thread to discuss As The World Turns (,216.0.html)

OT: B&B - Thread to discuss The Bold and the Beautiful (,217.0.html)

OT: GH - Thread to discuss General Hospital (,218.0.html)

OT: Movie Thread (,20.0.html) - Which movies have you watched lately?

OT: OLTL - Thread to discuss One Life To Live (,219.0.html)

Paul Williams Appreciation Thread (,9875.0.html)

Peanut Gallery Sign-Up Thread (,213.0.html) - Volunteer to write an opinion column!

Phyllis Newman Appreciation Thread (,206.0.html)

Pie Throwing Time Thread (,194.0.html) - Which character deserves a SPLAT for annoying you?

Public Service Stories (,214.0.html) - Y&R has a history of doing public service storylines.  Let's keep track of them for the year 2009!

Recipe Thread (,1002.0.html) - Share your favorite recipes here!

Sharon Abbott Appreciation Thread (,207.0.html)

This Is Upsetting News (Thread about Michael Muhney being fired) (,9467.0.html)

Victor Newman Appreciation Thread (,208.0.html)

Victoria Newman Appreciation Thread (,209.0.html)