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May 26, 2018, 06:20:50 pm
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 on: Today at 11:12:04 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by Lynn1
From the June 11, 2018 issue of CBS Soaps In Depth (pp. 24-27):

A Secret Explodes

Well, you gotta give Y&R's Nick points for being optimistic--he accepted Victor's offer to return to Newman Enterprises because he believed that his dad's near-death experience might have changed him into a kinder and gentler soul.  Yet this week, the hunk quickly realizes his error when it becomes clear that The Mustache hasn't changed one bit!  Unfortunately for Nick, the realization comes a little bit too late.... and what happens next could change the Newman family forever!

Nick Gets A Shock!
As the week begins, Victor hands Nick papers to sign regarding his future position at Newman Enterprises.  Only then does Nick discover that the seat he will be filling in the family firm is actually still warm--with Victoria having been sitting in the COO chair!  "Initially, Nick didn't know what role he'd have at Newman, defends his portrayer, Joshua Morrow.  "Victor asked him to return, and he was reluctant.  But Nick saw the state that his family is in and realized that he had to do something to step in and help out.  But then Victor springs on him that he wants Nick to be COO, which, of course, is Vicky's job!"

Understandably, the information casts the job in a new--darker--light for Nick!  "Victoria is Nick's best friend!  I guess Victor assumed that Nick would just do it, but of course, Nick is not going to stab his sister in the back!" declares Morrow.  "Nick begins to think this is a test.  Victor wants to see how cutthroat and ruthless Nick could be in the job."

When Nick refuses to play the billionaire's game, Victor reveals that Victoria has come to terms with the fact that she is no longer COO because of her actions to underhandedly oust Ashley.  "Victor told Nick that Victoria has made peace with it," previews Morrow.  "Nick was like, 'Oh, okay.  Maybe Vicky has some other plans or wants to do something else, so I'll jump in.' "

The Lying Game
Unfortunately, there's just a teeny-tiny problem with that--Victor lied!  At Crimson Lights, Victoria is feeling upbeat... until, that is, Sharon gives her a heads-up that Nick will be taking over as COO of Newman.  After absorbing the shock, the blue-eyed beauty races to confront Nick about taking her job!  "Vic is clearly incensed and lays into Nick," Morrow shares.  "But Nick would never hurt his sister like that, so once he's aware that Victoria didn't know [that Victor had given Nick the COO job] and really wants this job back, Nick is going to confront his father and fix this situation!"

Before he does that, though, Nick needs to take a breath and deal with his own shock and disappointment over Victor's same-old, same-old behavior.  "Nick had hoped that it was a life-changing moment when Victor almost died," confesses the actor.  "He'd hoped that it would change the way Victor would deal with his family and the business--and, in particular, them together.  But Nick is let down by his dad.  Nick, without thinking clearly, gives Victor too much credit and thinks he will have changed forever.

"When Nick saw his dad in the hospital, it scared the heck out of him," he adds.  "The idea that he could lose his dad...  All he could see is these things that they didn't do together anymore because they were at such odds.  Nick loves his dad.  They've had problems, but he loves him.  When Victor asked him to come back to Newman, he agreed because he wants to help out his dad and his family, and bridge the gap between them.  He wasn't aware of what Victor was doing.  There are clearly ulterior motives here.  The situation with Victoria is a big disappointment to Nick, because Victor's never going to change!"

Father/Son Blowout!
In fact, that becomes crystal clear when Nick decides to confront his dad about his latest machinations.  "Nick thinks that this situation is going to fix itself by him walking away from Newman, but unbeknownst to him, Victor has another card up his sleeve," Morrow teases slyly.  "It's going to be a big, big problem, I can assure you!"

In other words, fans had better find a safe space to view the upcoming Newman family fireworks, because it's gonna get loud and quite possibly dangerous!

 on: Today at 08:27:18 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by Lynn1

 on: May 25, 2018, 06:53:52 pm 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by Lynn1
Hunter King starts airing as Summer Newman once again, beginning on June 4th.

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:05:13 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by soapoperafan_5

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:04:50 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by soapoperafan_5

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:04:25 am 
Started by soapoperafan_5 - Last post by soapoperafan_5
Nacho macho

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:03:52 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by soapoperafan_5

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:03:17 am 
Started by soapoperafan_5 - Last post by soapoperafan_5
Skip X

Yangtze River

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:02:27 am 
Started by soapoperafan_5 - Last post by soapoperafan_5
Alice apples

 on: May 25, 2018, 11:01:48 am 
Started by Lynn1 - Last post by soapoperafan_5

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