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Alternate World of Adam Newman--Chapter Two

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Author Topic: Alternate World of Adam Newman--Chapter Two  (Read 168 times)
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Alternate World of Adam Newman
Chapter Two

Adam was walking into Gloworm just as Chloe Mitchell came running up.  He held the door, and they were both welcomed by Gloria.  “Chloe, so glad to see you!  Your order is not quite ready; but if you’ll be seated at the bar, we’ll comp you a drink while you’re waiting.” 

“Adam, is it true that Victor got skunked? “ Gloria asked.  “Well, it couldn’t happen to a nicer man!  You don’t mind sitting at the bar until a table opens up, do you?” Gloria said with a wink.  “Thanks, Gloria,” Adam replied as he followed Chloe to the bar.  Chloe gestured to the seat next to her.  “You might as well sit here.  It looks like we’re both in for a wait.  Did Gloria say something about a skunk?” 

Chloe watched as Adam threw back a double scotch and said, “You OK?  I’m sure the wait won’t be that long!”  Adam replied, “Yeah, sometimes being a Newman is like being caught in a freakin’ Friday the 13th movie.  What about you?  Aren’t you usually with that Fisher kid?” 

It was Chloe’s turn to throw back a drink before she told Adam, “He’s out of the picture. I’m just here to pick up food for a little party for Delia and her grandmothers.  It’s three months today since Delia became leukemia-free.  Not that any of the men in our lives seem to remember.”

“I’m really happy to hear about Delia,” Adam said.  “She’s lucky to have a mom like you and grandmothers, too.  You don’t know how precious your mom is until she’s gone.”

“Hey, since none of the men in Delia’s life cared to come and celebrate tonight, what about you?” Chloe asked.  “Come on over and give me someone to talk with besides the doting grandmothers!  You’ll probably get something to eat quicker than here anyway.” 

“You’re sure? Adam asked.  “I’m persona non grata around Genoa City.” 

“Been there myself,” Chloe replied.  “Here’s the food.  Let’s go.”

As Adam picked up the bags of food, a soft hand fell on his shoulder.  He turned around as a pretty brown-haired lady said, “Thank you, Adam.”  Adam asked, “Do I know you?”  as he admired her shiny hair.  “I’m Bonnie, and I just wanted to thank you for helping me make the decision to leave Newman’s.  You can rip off my clothes again any time,” she winked. 

“OK.  This might be too much information,” Chloe said as she rolled her eyes.  Adam answered, “Chloe, meet Bonnie.  Bonnie’s just had an extreme makeover!  What’s up with that?” Adam asked.  “A girl’s got to protect herself when she’s working for an old lecher like Victor Newman,” Bonnie replied.  Adam just grinned and waved to her as he guided Chloe towards the door, “Nice to see you again, Bonnie.”

As Adam helped carry bags of food into the Chancellor mansion, Jill exclaimed, “Lord, who did you drag home now?!”  Esther gasped, “Oh, Chloe, what are you thinking?”  Katherine shrewdly looked Adam over and said, “For God’s sake, the man brought food!  Set another plate at the table, Esther!  Adam, you sit right next to me.  Now what’s this story I hear about Victor Newman getting sprayed by a skunk?!”

Adam laughed and said, “Victor got tangled up with a skunk, alright!  I’ll tell you all about it!”

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