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Title: Meet The Managers
Post by: Lynn1 on November 04, 2008, 10:02:27 pm
Meet The Managers

Welcome to The Colonnade Room!  This site was originally founded on MSN back on August 21, 2002 by Lynn / aka WartonFan6 in appreciation of The Young and the Restless.  Feel free to share your opinions about this fantastic daytime drama!  Off-topic threads are also welcome here in order to develop a sense of camaraderie among the members.  Since this site is open to all ages, members are expected to keep their language clean.  Messages in violation of this guideline will be reposted.


Lynn / aka WartonFan6 - Manager  
Hi, everyone!   I've been the manager of this site since August 2002.  I am a second grade teacher in Oregon, and I love working with kids!  They always give me something to smile about.  I started watching Y&R back in kindergarten.  That must have been around 1976 or 1977.  The show would always be on when I came home for lunch.  I still remember the day that Vanessa Prentiss took off her veil to reveal her horribly scarred face.  I was so grossed out, I couldn't eat my lunch!  LOL!  Some of my favorite characters include Larry Warton [of course.......judging by one of my screen names], Michael Baldwin, and Kevin Fisher.  My hobbies include rubberstamping, reading, and rollerskating.  (Hmm, whadaya know?  The 3 R's!)  Thank you for checking out my site, and please visit often!



Rose - Assistant Manager

Hi!  My name is Rose, and I became assistant manager in October, 2002.  I love Y&R and have been watching it since Nikki was a stripper!  Lately my favorite characters are the handsome Michael Baldwin and his expressive brother, Kevin Fisher.  As my name suggests, I love rose gardening and currently have 26 rose bushes in my garden.